Why should you invest in real estate in the "Sukhumvit Area"?

Why should you invest in real estate in the "Sukhumvit Area"?
Because the Price in Sukhumvit Area has doubled in recent years and is expected in the future that the price will definitely be higher!
For real estate investors, the top potential and fastest growing locations in Thailand would be the inevitable "Sukhumvit Road" as land prices have continued to grow over a decade. Each part of Sukhumvit Road has a distinct character.
Early Sukhumvit is an area that has continually developed from Chidlom and Ploenchit area. It starts with Nana, Asoke, and Phrom Phong which are the highest land value locations on Sukhumvit Road. The big development projects came after the development of a transport and rail system. Although the rail system was not known as public transport, it was considered an urban alternative, which had a significant effect on investment and made the land in this area flourish. There is less land on large plots and there are many Mega Projects going on. This has resulted in real estate developers slowing down their investment rates over the past year. Moreover, the new supply in the Sukhumvit area has continued and stable growth, or is known to have an increase in line with the market absorption rate. One of the reasons is because the limited availability of land, scarce, and high prices, so new projects are limited, but the purchase price continues to rise. The average price for Hi-end to Luxury projects in this area has grown significantly from 130,000 baht per sq.m. in 2012, doubling to 260,000 baht per sq.m. in 2018 and is likely to grow further. Besides, Sukhumvit is another CBD area in Bangkok apart from Silom, and Sathorn zones.
It has various office buildings and attractive condominiums such as PITI Sukhumvit 101, Niche Mono Sukhumvit – Bearing, and Niche Mono Sukhumvit – Puchao and Sukhumvit is also the center of entertainment, restaurants, cafes, and shopping centers.

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