Elite Flexible One Program

Elite Flexible One: a privileged membership package designed for foreign visitors who cannot
resist the charm of Thailand and have their eye on owning property in the country whether for
residence or investment, with privileges of ease of entry to Thailand and services offered
through the hospitality of Thailand Elite.
Membership Validity :           5 years
Age:                                                   Not Less Than 20 years
Privilege Entry Visa:              Five-year multiple entry visa with extendable one-year
length of stay per each entry

  1. Age over 20 years old
  2. Applicant must hold Foreign Passport
  3. Applicant must pass the background check from
  4. Thailand Elite
  5. Applicant must show proof of ownership total asset value
  6. not less than 10 MB
  7. Applicant must show proof of bank transfer
  8. Not mortgage, sell, transfer within 5 years and must present
  9. the proof of ownership in every year
Airport Service
  • 12 times per calendar year for VIP greeting, immigration, and passport control process
  • expedition by Elite Personal Assistants
  • 6 times per calendar year for VIP departure lounges
Government Concierges &
  • 1 time per calendar year for Elite Personal Liaison (EPL) assist to Immigration service,
  • expedite and assist in the process of issuing driving license and opening bank accounts
  • 4 times per calendar year for 90-day report service
Other Benefits
  • Special discounts at leading department stores, Duty-Free, Golf courses, Spas, Hospitals, * The company reserves the right to change the above benefits from time-to-time at its sole discretion.
  • * The membership of Thailand Elite Card and qualifications of the Applicant/Member are subject to an approval by Thailand Privilege Card Co., Ltd.
  • Hotels, Restaurants, etc.

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