7 Best Landmarks in Bangna Puchao Area

1.IKEA Bangna
IKEA Bangna is a place offering a wide range of furniture. Everyone knows well it is a place where modern and stylish home furniture and decorating items are integrated. Not only people in Bangna enjoy shopping here, but also shoppers from the heart of the city are heading here. Spacious parking spaces are crowded with numerous vehicles on weekdays and weekends. Those who do not know IKEA are very out-of-date.

2.MEGA Bangna
It is as large as IKEA. It is a place where you can enjoy shopping, dining, and relaxing in more than 800 stores ranging from clothing, cosmetics, beauty salon, food, office supplies and everything for people of all ages. It welcomes lonely people or those accompanied by their friends or families. The important thing is the attractively decorated zone called Food Walk has just been opened where a large variety of food is ready for your choices.

3.Central City Bangna
It has been one of the top places open for service for Bangna people who enjoy eating and shopping for such a long time. It is a place where choices of goods are available. The top floor is the place where Pororo Aqua Park is located and it is considered the first sky Pororo Aqau Park of the world. The ground floor is the place for food zone known as Food Patio where large choices of food are available. You can enjoy shopping and dining at the same time here.

4.The Erawan Museum
It is well known for its giant three-headed elephant art display which is very outstanding and can be seen from the express way. The place is magnificent and considered a symbol of Siam. Admission fee for adults is 200 baht and for children is 100 baht only.

5.Samut Prakan Crocodile Farm and Zoo
This place has been open for service for such a long time since we were children. On the other hand, its long service can be measured by the size of crocodiles here. The sizes of three people are not equal to the size of the leader in a herd. This place is one of favorite places among foreigners. Crocodile shows are the highlight of the place as it is highly worth paying only 60 baht for watching the shows.

6.The Ancient City (Mueang Boran)
It is located not far from Samut Prakan Crocodile Farm and Zoo. Mueang Boran is a huge open-air museum of Siam or Thailand run by private sector. It is open and allows people to learn the history of Siam through travelling. The places you should not miss are ancient market, Pavilion of the Enlightened, Phra Kaew Tower, Sanphet Prasat Palace, Ayutthay, etc. The admission fee might be a bit expensive but everyone who pays a visit said it is extremely worth visiting.

7.Bangpu Recreation Center
Visiting Bangpu and observing seagulls is familiar words. The time of crowds of seagulls falls at the beginning of November to the end of March. During this time more than 5,000 seagulls evacuate from the cold Siberia. A lot of them enjoy flying in the sky, making Bangpu Recreation Center one of Samut Prakan’s signature.

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